Android Auto Compatibility

Frequently Asked Questions

Before setting up Wireless Android Auto, we recommend you do the following first:

  1. Check for any updates available to Android Auto for your mobile device via the Google Play app store
  2. Check that Wireless Android Auto is enabled in the Android Auto settings on your mobile device.

We're receiving a number of calls and enquiries saying that Wireless Android Auto is not working during setup and have found that the above checks resolve the vast majority of issues.

First, confirm that the Android Auto app on your phone is updated to the very latest version available in the Google Play Store.
Next, confirm that your phone is connected to the car for hands-free calling (Bluetooth HFP), simply by placing or receiving a phone call. A properly handled Bluetooth HFP phone call will use the car's own speakers and microphone.
Finally, confirm that the LED light on MA1 is pulsing green. If wireless Android Auto has not started after several minutes, reboot the phone, unplug/re-plug the dongle, and power cycle the car's infotainment system, preferably all at once.
If the above steps do not resolve your issue, then take the following steps to completely reset your connection. Be sure to follow every step, in sequence:

  1. Unplug the MA1 from your car's USB port.
  2. On your car screen, navigate to the Bluetooth phone list, and 'forget' or 'delete' all paired phones.
  3. On your phone, navigate to the system settings for Bluetooth, and 'forget' or 'delete' BOTH the paired car AND the paired MA1 (which will appear in the list as AndroidAuto XXXX).
  4. On your phone, navigate to the system settings for Apps; select Android Auto; and under 'Storage', tap 'Clear data' (different phone brands may present this slightly differently).
  5. Start your car, and plug in your phone with a USB cable. Navigate through the 'Welcome to Android Auto' screens on your car display, as if you were connecting for the very first time.
  6. Once Google Maps appears on your car display, place a phone call to verify that Android Auto has automatically re-connected your phone for hands-free calling over the car speakers.
  7. Unplug your phone from the car and re-plug the MA1 into that same USB port. Observe the LED light, which should initially shine solid white. (Your phone will remain connected to the car over Bluetooth for hands-free calling; this is expected. Do not reboot your phone.)
  8. Once the LED light begins pulsing green, immediately press and hold the button on the side of the MA1. Keep it depressed for approximately 45 seconds, during which the LED light will run through a series of color changes, first flashing blue, then flashing red, then alternating colors, then off briefly, then solid red.
  9. Only after the LED light turns solid red, release the button on the side of the MA1, unplug the MA1, and then re-plug it into the same
    USB port. Observe the LED light, which should initially shine solid white.
  10. Once the LED light begins flashing blue, then, on your phone, navigate again to the system settings for Bluetooth, and scan for new Bluetooth devices; MA1 will appear in the list as AndroidAuto- XXXX. Pair your phone with the MA1. The LED light should begin pulsing green, and wireless Android should appear on your car display within 90 seconds.

Refer to the User Guide for recommended setup steps. To connect wirelessly, your phone must first re-establish its Bluetooth connection to the vehicle's infotainment system for hands-free calling; this process is typically automatic. Try also toggling the 'Start wireless early' setting on your phone, under Settings > Connections > Android Auto.

To reset your MA1:

  1. While powered on, press and hold the adapter button
  2. The LED will begin blinking blue, continue holding the adapter button down for at least 35 seconds, and then release only when the LED blinks green quickly.
  3. Then after 3 seconds, the LED should turn to white and this indicates that the MA1 has completed the factory reset.

Android Auto is a trademark of Google LLC. To wirelessly use Android Auto on your car display, you need a compatible Android smartphone with an active data plan. You can check which smartphones are compatible at Get Started with Android Auto